Traditional grazing system and seasonal pasture use in Upper Mustang, Nepal (2006)

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This research was undertaken from March 2006 to October 2006. The main aim of this research was to analyse the grazing system and seasonal pasture use in the selected VDCs of Upper Mustang. Ground truthing data of the two VDCs was collected to identify the seasonal pasture type and units. The pasture units were delineated in Topographic map by observing the pastures from vantage points. Key informants were consulted at field for this purpose. In addition, focal group discussion and interviews were taken with the village elite, herders and grazers for assessing grazing rights and use patterns. The result of this study reveals that the pastures lying in political boundary of one VDC are not necessarily being used by the same VDC. People have been practicing the traditional use right irrespective of the political boundary. On the basis of seasonal use, seven different seasonal pasture types have been identified in the pastures used by Chhoser VDC and six different seasonal pasture types in Chuksang VDC. Livestock compositions in the two VDCs are different. The density of livestock in Chhosher VDC is 35.74 per sq. km. whereas it is only 15.69 per sq km. in Chhuksang VDC. The grazing system and the use of resources are also different in these two pastures.
Year: 2006
Language: English
In: Our Nature Vol. 4(1) 2006 pp29-41:,