Mountain Forum Bulletin: Conflict in mountain regions: Regional perspectives (2005)

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The Bulletin focuses on conflict in mountains:
  • Proposed dam in Skardu by M Ismail Khan
  • Amenity migration by Amy Krause
  • Park for Peace in the Mandara Mountains by Prashant Sharma
  • Constructing a social vision for the waters in the Andes by Juan Carlos Alurralde
  • Only the sky is the limit - interview with Rolf Meier by Billi Bierling
  • Book review: The Price of Neglect: From Resource Conflict to Maoist Insurgency in the Himalayan Kingdom by Ujol Sherchan
  • Building capacity for mountain protection by Fausto O Sarmiento
  • Global mountain biodiversity assessment: a research network of DIVERSITAS by Eva Spehn
  • Using non timber products (NTFPs), conserving dipterocarps by Benedicto Q Sanchez
  • Interview with Ana Maria Ponce by Celine Curi
Language: English
Imprint: Mountain Forum Bulletin Vol V Issue 1 June 2005 2005
Series: Bulletin,