New SHRIMP ages for Ladakh and Karakoram Batholiths - inherited zircons indicate involvement of older crust (2005)

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The authors report new U-Pb zircon SHRIMP ages for the Ladakh and Karakoram batholiths. The samples of the Ladakh Batholith were collected from the Khardung La and Chang La tops and those of the Karakoram Batholith were collected along the Tangtse gorge and Darbuk-Shyok section. Separated zircon crystals display zoned zircon crystals typically observed in igneous rocks. The age obtained for the Khardung La and Chang La top samples is circa 58 Ma. These ages are similar to the age data published by earlier workers, confirming a strong phase of magmatism in the Ladakh Batholith at approximately 58 Ma. No inherited older zircons were observed in these samples, confirming the observations of earlier studies.
Language: English
Imprint: Extended abstracts: Himalayan-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop, India 2008. Himalayan Journal of Sciences Vol.5(7) (Special Issue) 2008 p.19: 2005
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