Participatory research and development for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management: A sourcebook - Volume 1: Understanding participatory research and development (2005)

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Research and development can no longer be the exclusive domain of scientists. To find sustainable solutions to development problems, a wider range of actors must be involved. It is crucial, for example, that local stakeholders provide input to the process. Participatory research and development (PR&D) offers such an inclusive model.

Thisis Part 1 of a three-volume sourcebook that provides easy access to field-tested PR&D concepts and practices for practitioners, researchers, and academic. As well, it presents a comprehensive overview of PR&D and will serve as a general reference for trainers, policymakers, donors, and development professionals. The sourcebook captures and examines PR&D experiences from over 30 countries, illustrating applications in sustainable crop and animal production, forest and watershed management, soil and water conservation, and post-harvest and utilisation.

Volume 1 focuses on typologies and concepts, approaches, participatory technology development, and participatory natural resource management. Volume 2 examines capacity building, networking and partnerships, and scaling up and institutionalisation. Volume 3 looks at technology development, strengthening local organisations, and multistakeholder-based natural resource management. Each volume includes a glossary, a list of recommended publications, contact addresses of contributors, and directories of Web sites and e-groups.
Language: English
International Potato Center-Users' Perspectives With Agricultural Research and Development, Laguna, Philippines and International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada., 2005.

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