New record of mistletoe Viscum monoicum Roxb. ex DC (Viscaceae) for the Nepal Himalayas (2005)

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In a recent walk-over survey along the Melamchi River in the Melamchi Valley, central Nepal Himalayas, the authors could record five mistletoe species, four belonging to four genera in the family Loranthaceae and one belonging to one genus in the family Viscaea i.e. Viscum monoicum Roxb. Ex DC.  Viscum monoicum closely resembles V. Orientale but can be distinguished from V. Orientale by having usually 5-nerved leaves with acute tips and with characteristically oblong truncate fruits with entirely smooth and shining surface.  We compared our specimens with Hara et al. (1982) and Press et al. (2000) and also checked the herbarium specimens deposited at the National Herbarium and Plant Laboratories, Kathmandu (KATH) and found that Viscum monoicum has already been reported from the Eastern Himalayas of Bhutan and Sikkim (Hooker f. 1890), Bangledesh (Alam 1985) and Upper Gangetic  plains (Duthie 1960).  This species has a very wide  distribution starting from Peninsula India and Sri Lanka to the Himalayas, South and South East Yunnan, and has its eastern limit as far as French Indo-China and Siam passing through Myanmar.
Year: 2005
Language: English
In: Journal of Japanese Botany Vol 80 no 1 February 2005,



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