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000011294 100__ $$aNaithani, P. S.
000011294 245__ $$aThe struggle for community based conservation and equitable tourism
000011294 260__ $$c2003
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000011294 520__ $$aMountain communities are amongst those marginalized groups whose destinies are mostly decided by an influential tribe of resourceful institutions/persons who often represent diverse interest groups. Be it in the name of conservation or tourism, we always find ourselves the last party to decide our own destinies. Perhaps it is because we live in a land of abundant resources and opportunities. Perhaps, it is because of our looking at the mountains from an all-together different perspective. Or it may be due to our isolation or poverty or a myriad of other esoteric reasons. However, in the chaos and confusion of new terminologies whereby we have been reduced to mere beneficiaries or stakeholders, we would like to reassert our stand as owners of our lands. This paper comes straight from the leadership of the Bhotia tribal community of the Niti  Valley. The issues raised in this presentation belong to the Bhotia community. The main author of this presentation is a member of the local leadership. The other authors belong to an advocacy group and are also Paharies. In this paper we would like to share our struggles and the blue print of the destiny we have decided for ourselves and our children. 
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000011294 691__ $$aMountain tourism
000011294 691__ $$aMountain people/cultures
000011294 691__ $$aNatural resource management
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000011294 773__ $$pCase study on The struggle for community based conservation and equitable tourism in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in India. A paper presented to The Namche Conference People, Parks and Mountain Ecotourism. 24-26 May 2003.
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