Analysis of stakeholder power and responsibilities in community involvement in forest management in eastern and southern Africa (2002)

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The regional profile series on Forests, People and Policies from around the World - Linking Learning with Policy Formulation provides forum to foster exchange between regions and nations regarding the rich experiences of the world’s people in maintaining existing forest and regenerating degraded ones. This project is implemented by IUCN, both globally and with different IUCN regions, with funding from DFID and the Ford Foundation. By analysing community forestry strategies, common issues and effective actions can more readily be identified. The profiles include the following types of information:
  • Overviews of national forest management histories;
  • Brief ecological descriptions of the region’s forests;
  • Summaries of forest administrative systems and policy frameworks as they relate to local communities;
  • Case studies illustrating the roles indigenous people, local forest dependent communities, and the greater civil society play in forest management;
  • Abstract of regional networking organisations;
  • Assessments of national strategies, needed policy actions, important lessons, and constraints.
Language: English
Imprint: IUCNEastern Africa Programme, Forest and Social Perspectives in Conservation No 9. IUCNEastern Africa Regional Office, Bairobi, Kenya 2002
Series: Report,