Innovative financing mechanisms for conservation and sustainable forest management (2002)

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This issue of ETFRN News explores innovative financing mechanisms for conservation and sustainable forest management, whether in conceptual stage, under development, or operational. The newsletter defines innovative forest financing mechanisms as new ways and institutional set-ups to transfer financial resources from actors who are willing to pay for the generation and maintenance of ecological services, to local actors willing to accept payment, in exchange for sustainable forest management, or for refraining from the use of forest resources. The overview presented illustrates the large variety in mechanisms; the types of actors involved, the specific contexts for which they were designed and the types of benefits from environmental services they are capturing. This newsletter is divided into seven thematic Sections:
  • the subject of the introductory article in Section I is the role of economic valuation of forest environmental services in relation to the development of new mechanisms;
  • market mechanisms and measures enabling the increase of private investments and use of market-based instruments, are dealt with in Section II;
  • section III is dedicated to international transfer payments and the role of international (financial) institutions in facilitating the development and implementation of innovative financing mechanisms;
  • the specific environmental services that seem to have the best potential for channelling financial resources; towards sustainable forest management include carbon sequestration; biodiversity conservation; and hydrological services;
  • sections IV, V and VI present financing mechanisms based on these specific services. The corresponding articles often deal with market-based instruments promoting the development of new green markets;
  • section VII investigates the role of financing mechanisms supporting sustainable forest management with regard to sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation.
Language: English
Imprint: ETFRN News: No 35, Winter 2001/2002: 2002
Series: Newsletter,