Mountain Forum Bulletin: September 2001 (2001)

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This Bulletin includes a range of articles on mountains:
  • Putting mountain women on the agenda
  • Hills vs mountains e-discussion summary
  • Africa: Farmer-driven extension for poverty eradication by Francis Gichuki
  • Land use change and associated degradation by Francis Gichuki
  • Is tree planting for carbon credits the answer by Francis Gichuki
  • About African Highlands Initiative by Francis Gichuki
  • Can we reduce the dependence on forest products by Francis Gichuki
  • Uttaranchal vision 2020 by Dr Pokhriyal
  • International Conference of Mountain Children by Sangeeta Pandey
  • Mountain children have a newspaper: Garhwal Himilayas by Pooran Joshi
  • The Caucasus Summit by Francoise Mees
  • An Italian butter churn for a Georgian shepherd from the EMF General Assembly
  • The natural park of the volcanic region of La Garrotxa by Josep M Prats
  • Carpathian network doubles by Anne Pellier
  • Ecotourism in Albania - message to mf-europe
  • Fundacio Territori i Paisatge by Ferran Paune
  • Cusco Declaration on Sustainable Development of Mountain Ecosystems by Ana Maria Ponce
  • US Senator defends mountain people by Robert Rhoades
  • 30,000 acres in Sierra Nevada to be protected by Mary Menees
Language: English
Imprint: Mountain Forum Bulletin Vol 4 Issue 2 September 2001 2001
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