"Eco-Papas": Through potato conservation towards agroecology (1999)

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The "Eco-papas" project, implemented in the province of Carchi, Ecuador, followed a broad approach: reintroducing biological and ecological farming techniques that decrease the importance of chemical inputs and moving towards a more stable and sustainable agroecosystem. Its guiding principle was the notion that healthy, living soils provide a stable base from which other adjustments and improvements to the production system can be made and managed. Its most interesting result was the active involvement of local farmers.
Year: 1999
Language: English
In: Leisa Magazine, 15 nº 3/4, December 1999: http://www.leisa.info/index.php?url=show-blob-html.tpl&p[o_id]=12354&p[a_id]=211&p[a_seq]=1,



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