Physico-chemical characteristics of Apis dorsata, A. cerana and A. mellifera honey from Chitwan district, central Nepal (1999)

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Honey samples from Apis dorsata, A. cerana and A. mellifera were collected by cutting a piece of honey comb directly from the colonies on the same day and from the same floristic region of Chitwan district, central Nepal. Physico-chemical analysis of the honey samples was performed. The values obtained for moisture content, electrical conductivity (EC), invertase, and proline content were significantly different between all the honey groups. The analytical values for Apis dorsata (n = 28), A. cerana (n = 26), and A. mellifera (n = 27) respectively were: 21.5, 20.1 and 17.1 moisture content (g/100 g honey); 0.96, 0.65 and 0.31 EC (mS/cm), 373.4, 218.2 and 110.9 invertase (Siegenthaler U/kg), and 875.8, 323.0 and 610.2 proline (mg/kg). There were no significant differences between the honey types in pH, glucose oxidase, and the amount of glucose. However, the amount of fructose was significantly higher in A. dorsata and A. cerana than in A. mellifera honeys. Similarly, the amount of oligosaccharide L2 was significantly higher and sucrose was significantly lower in A. dorsata honeys than in A. cerana and A. mellifera honeys. Apidologie 31 (2000) 367?375 (
Year: 1999
Language: English
In: Apidologie 31 (2000) 367?375 (,



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