Contributions to Nepalese studies in twenty five years: Classified list of articles (1997)

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Bibliography of articles that are held in the Contributions to Nepalese Studies over the twenty-five years up to 1997. This Special Issue is the Silver Jubilee edition of the journal. Started in 1973, it is published twice a year, and publishes articles on Nepalese Studies focused on art and archaeology, history, historical-cultural forms, religion, folk studies, social structure, national integration, ethnic studies, population dynamics, institutional processes, development processes, applied linguistics, sociolinguistic studies, environment, anthropology, development and geo-politics of the Indus-Brahmaputra regions. The bibliography is divided into the following sections:
  • General works (bibliography, inscriptions...)
  • Philosophy and psychology
  • Religion (Buddhism, Hindusim...)
  • Social sciences (Sociology, political science, economics...)
  • Linguistics (Nepali, Maithili...)
  • Science (Biology, botany)
  • Technology (Medicine, agriculture...)
  • Arts (Architecture, music...)
  • Literature
  • History and geography
Language: English
Imprint: Contributions to Nepalese Studies. Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies (CNAS), Tribhuvan University (TU), Kathmandu, Nepal. Silver Jubilee Special Issue 1973-1997, Volume 0: Digital Himalaya: 1997
Series: Bibliography,